Hey, I’m Jenny Causil…

My professional background is in accounting but being an Accountant has never been my true motivation in life. So in 2015, I started blogging.

Starting a blog is a big challenge but I love the process and working on it every day brings joy to my life. I truly enjoy writing, motivating, and helping others. My personal-and selfish–goal is to have an impact on people; if I’m able to do that for even one person, I would feel accomplished.

I don’t want this About Me to read like a boring resume. I just want you to identify with and feel a closer connection to the person behind these blog posts.

I created this blog space to share with you all some of my favorite hobbies and passions; a space for us to talk about everything from beauty, to lifestyle, travel, fashion, books – and everything in between.

I grew up–and currently live–on a Colombian island that is surrounded by the allure of the ocean and palm trees. I enjoy dancing and meditating as much as I relish being focused on my goals and the challenge of every day improving myself. Insecurities? Yes, of course at times… having curly hair that’s bigger than my stature (I stand at 5ft tall). Regardless of the countless insecurities I may have, I try to live my life doing what I love, no matter how challenging things may get.

If you want to chat or just say “hello” I welcome you to write me at jennycausil@gmail.com; also if you have any business inquiries.

Thank you for reading and visiting my blog. Remember:

No one is you and that’s your power

Welcome ♥


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